Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants | Wood Waste Recycling
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Wood Waste Recycling

Consultation Services Available… see below.


Closed Loop Wood Waste Recycling Voluntary Stewardship Programs

Enclosed is a description of the various types of Wood waste and C&D waste that is recyclable and is being recycled in Alberta.


“Wood Waste recycling – using local resources to meet local needs”


Wood waste Recycling Facilities

In general most Wood waste recycling locations will ‘accept the listed various types of Wood Waste from all sources of Wood users/producers/generators suchas: Construction and Demolition, Oil & Gas company projects, Governmental, Land-Clearing, Logging, Agriculture/Farming, Land Fill and TransferStations, Wood Manufacturing, Retail stores, Malls, Tree Trimming/Clearing.

“SHARING the environmental KNOWLEDGE – “Recycling WOODWASTE is a renewable RESOURCE”


Recyclable Wood waste Loads

Note:Each Alberta Landfill recycling facility has a different acceptable Wood waste materials list.

Some facilities accept mixed [commingled] material loads of Wood waste / C&D and others only accept separated clean loads of Wood waste and or C&Dmaterials.

“Recycling Wood waste is creating a self-sufficiency economy”

  • Acceptable Recyclable - Wood waste

    • Construction – (Wood waste)
    • Demolition Timber – (Wood waste)
    • Plywood, OSB Particleboard & Lumber – (Wood waste)
    • Dunnage, Pallets & Crates – (Wood waste)
    • Green or Dry Trees & Branches, Stumps, Land Clearing – (Wood waste)
    • Mill Wood Residuals – (Wood waste)
    • Wood Slabs, Chips Shaving, Sawdust, Boards – (Wood waste)
    • Small And Large Wooden Cable Spools – (Wood waste)
    • Treated Wooden Beams, Posts – (Wood waste)
    • Wooden Furniture¬†(no fabric or plastic attachments’)¬†– (Wood waste)
    • Railway Ties – (Wood waste)
    • Utility Poles – (Wood waste)

For larger volumes of Wood waste ~ certain Landfill recycling facilities and independent contractors offer mobile site Wood waste grinding services.



For consultation inquiries about creating and implementing a Wood waste recycling program please contact us.