Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants | Recyclable Materials
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Recyclable Materials

Commingled & Separate Sorts

Commingled Materials Fibre

  • Clean Dry Paper
    • Mixed Paper, Computer, Copier, Letter, Writing, Facsimile, Coated Glossy, Ledger, Wrapping, Arts & Craft Paper, Unwanted Mail, Flyers, Telephone Books, Note Cards, Newspaper, Blueprints, Magazines, File Folders, Paper Bags, Post-it Notes, Blue Print Paper, Catalogs; All Envelopes Including With Windows, Labels From cans
  • Newspaper
    • Newspaper including ads and other paper inserts
  • Magazines & Flyers
    • Magazines, Flyers & CatalogsCereal, Tissue, Gift Boxes, Dry Food, Frozen Food, Shoe, Detergent Boxes, Paper & Toilet Rolls, Cracker, Cookie Boxes, Paper Towel & Tissue Cores (no paper towels or tissue)

Commingled Organic Fibre

  • Organics & Contaminated Fibre
    • Food, Plant Waste, Coffee Grounds & Wet or Soiled Food, Contaminated Paper, Cardboard, Pizza Boxes, Paper Food Wraps, etc…

Commingled Plastic & Metal

  • Plastics
    • (film) Shrink, Film & Bubble Wrap, Plastic Strapping
  • Metal
    • Steel, Tin, Aluminum Foil, Beverage & Soup Cans, Metal Letter Openers, etc…

Separate Sort

  • Electronics
    • Desk Computers (CPU) & Servers, Monitors, Laptops, Tablet and Notebook Computer, Label, Barcode, Card printers, Dock Printers, Large Multi-function Printer, Copiers, Medical imaging, EKG, or X-Ray Printer, Gas Station Pump Printer, Digital Press, Printer, Photo Developing Machine Photocopier, Interac Printer, Cash Register, POS System, CPUs, Monitors & Printers, Closed Circuit Monitor Screens, PDA, Portable DVD Player with Display, DVD Navigation System, In Vehicle DVD Monitors, ATM Kiosk, Self Service Kiosks, Digital Photo Frames
  • Glass
    • All Glass Bottles & Jars containers must be rinsed, soda, wine, beer, spaghetti sauce, pickle jars etc.

Construction Debris Materials For Waste Diversion – Recyclables

  • Dry Waste Garbage
    • Non-recyclables
  • Green Yard Debris
    • Grass, Leaves, Branches, Flowers, Vines, Fruit, Vegetables, Tree Branches
  • Concrete & Asphalt
    • Clean Concrete & Asphalt (no-metals)
  • Drywall
    • Clean Drywall
  • Clean Wood
    • Wooden Cable Reels, Rig Mats, Dunnage, Pallets, Wooden Spools, Plywood, Green Wood
  • Porcelain |Ceramic | Clay
    • Toilets, Sinks, Electrical Insulators, Pottery, China, Figurines, Lamp Bodies
  • Metals
    • All Types of Metal – See Commingled
  • Card Board All Paper Fibre
    • All Clean Paper Fibre
  • Glass
    • Industrial, Commercial, Automotive Windshields, Residential, Plate & Mirror
  • Plastics
    • Shrink, Film, Bubble Wrap, PE & PVC Plastics