Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants | PE & PVC Plastics Recycling
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PE & PVC Plastics Recycling

Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants Inc. (WRRC) is providing cost efficient, closed loop PE & PVC Plastic pipe and related PE & PVC Plastic materials post consumers & post-industrial scrap recycling programs.

Acceptable Recyclable Materials

Clean Only – PE (Polyethylene) – PVC (Polyvinyl) Plastic Pipe

  • Industrial – Municipal – Commercial – Residential (Electrical – Water – Gas – Sewer – Irrigation) and Fittings
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – Polyethylene (PE) PVC and PE Poly Pipes, Oil and Composite Poly pressure Pipe
  • Water Main & Force Main PVC Sewer, PVC Electrical Conduit & Electrical Duct Poly Gas Main-Poly Utility-Poly Sewer


(Clean Optimum Condition Of Materials)

2″ pipe & larger up to any size

Non-Acceptable Materials

  • NO Bitumen or Petroleum Residual
  • NO Dirt Mud Rock Aggregate
  • NO Pipe that was used to Flush any Oil, Gas, Sanitary Residue
  • NO Dirt, Labels
  • NO CPVC, Flexible PVC Hose, Fluid Containers (pails, oil bottles)
  • NO Glue Joints, Cell Core
  • NO Foam Core PVC, Cross-link PE, ABS, CPVC, Weeping Tile
  • NO Fittings
  • NO Attachments such as Glass, Metal or foreign objects


Try to Reduce the Contamination; such as Labels, Gaskets, Pull Tape.

PLEASE Do not Crush Pipe to Create room in the Roll-off Bins.

Quality Control Reiteration

* All Plastic materials MUST be CLEAN of all CONTAMINATES – if adhered to there are no CHARGES for this proposed Closed Loop (PE) Polyethylene | (PVC) Polyvinyl Pipe And Specific PE & PVC Related Plastics Recycling service.



* Note – Waste Reduction and Recycling Consultants will coordinate the complete PE & PVC Plastics recycling initiative including Transportation services; the collection facilitator must arrange collection and sorting.

Creating an Account

To set up an Account and Arrange Scheduled Transportation of your Clean Recyclable PE | PVC Plastic Pipe and specific PE & PVC Related Plastics – Please contact us.

PE & PVC Plastics Diversion Certification

A PE & PVC Plastics Waste diversion recycling certificate is available to and for the PE & PVC Plastics waste generator; the certification formulation is based on either a scaled weight or a volume displacement basis.


Consultation Services

Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants offers a cost efficient, environmentally sound, closed loop PE & PVC Plastic pipe and related materials recovery, recycling program.
For consultation inquiries about creating and implementing a PE & PVC Plastic pipe and related materials recovery and/or recycling program, please contact us here, or reach out to a WRRC representative near you.
Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants Inc. (WRRC)
Tel: (780) 239-5445 – Email: jdonaldson@wrrci.ca
“Meeting Tomorrows Reuse Needs … Recycle Today”